Why Owning A Second Hand Iphone Is Cool And Affordable

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Apple’s iPhones are handy devices to have. They are high performance, have very good screens, look stunning and have a wealth of apps available for them, as well as games and tools. If you have an iPad or a MacBook, then the integration between those devices and the iPhone is very handy too, making day to day tasks simple.

Unfortunately, a high-end iPhone is an expensive thing to pick up. The good news about these phones is that you can get second hand models for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one, and they will still get the job done, while looking good too.

Second Hand Phones Are a Great Deal

Second hand phones are still required to be fully working if they’re going to be sold by a major retailer, but there may be some cosmetic issues. You can often get a like new phone if you are willing to pay a little more.

When you buy a second hand iPhone, you will be told the ‘grade’ of the phone. A Grade A phone may as well be brand new. It has a pristine screen and case, and everything works perfectly. Grade B phones work perfectly well too, but may have a small scuff on a corner, or something else that is a tell-tale sign that it is not completely new. Usually, and marks on a Grade B phone are minor and would not be noticed by a casual observer.

A Grade C phone may have a bigger scratch mark or some other damage. The phone still works, but the dent is more noticeable. You may be able to cover it with a case if the damage bothers you.

Your Data on Your Phone

When a phone is traded in, it is factory reset, so all of the previous owner’s data will be gone. The phone is ready for you to copy over your music, install your apps, and connect your app store account. It’s basically a brand new phone.

Why waste a huge amount of money on a brand new phone when you can pick up a second hand iPhone that works well and looks like new, for a fraction of the price? Free yourself from contracts and keep money in your bank account, while still enjoying the latest tech. It’s not just a chance to own a cool phone, it’s a chance to do so while taking care of your wallet too.